• facilitate contacts between its members and to reinforce the bonds of fellowship which should unite all the members of a single industry;
  • promote co-operative action among its members and to foster equity in business usage;
  • consider and deal in a lawful manner with those common intra-industry problems of management, such as those involved in the production, distribution, employment and financial functions of this industry;
  • undertake such other usual activities of industry associations as may be designated from time to time, which are intended to promote the interests of the industry, and in general to carry on any other business in connection with the foregoing;
  • whose objectives are scientific and economic research, to centralise and disseminate documentation of general or specific interest to the trade, and to promote and support all research and studies concerning the trade;
  • endeavour to resolve any difficulties which may arise between the members of the association and to reconcile the parties;
  • produce and deliver accurate statistical information as may serve the members in conducting their business intelligently and with a knowledge of existing general conditions in the industry, in accordance to what specified within this constitution.
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